Immerse yourself in the glamour and sophistication of the golden age of motoring with the Full Kit Bugatti Atlantic 57SC Rothschild in 1/8 scale, an exceptional creation signed IXO Collections.

This extraordinary replica captures every iconic detail of the original Bugatti Atlantic 57SC Rothschild, offering an unrivalled experience for classic car and automotive history enthusiasts.

Exceptional features :

- 1/8 Scale: This replica is 1/8 scale, which means it reproduces every curve, line, and detail of the Bugatti Atlantic 57SC Rothschild with exceptional accuracy. You'll be amazed by the fidelity of this reproduction.

- Integrated remote control: Thanks to the supplied remote control, you have total control over the realistic engine sound, the blaring horn, as well as the front and rear lights. These features add a touch of realism to your virtual driving experience.

- Doors that open: The doors open elegantly to reveal a sumptuous interior, allowing you to immerse yourself in Bugatti's refined interior world.

- Folding bonnet: The front bonnet lifts up, revealing a breathtaking engine. Every detail is carefully reproduced to reflect the authenticity of the Bugatti Atlantic 57SC Rothschild.

- Rear boot that opens: The rear boot opens to reveal the spare wheel, offering a glimpse of the ingenious design of this legendary car.

- Removable hubcaps: The hubcaps on all four wheels are removable, revealing the magnificent spokes on each of the wheels. This attention to detail is the hallmark of this exceptional reproduction.

- Faithful reproduction: This replica is a faithful scan of the original model, which means that every element, every shade of colour and every line is reproduced with absolute precision and validated by the Bugatti Family. You'll be impressed by the authenticity of this work of art.

Kit contents: - Bugatti Atlantic 57SC Rothschild 1/8 scale - Remote control for engine sound, horn and lights - Detailed assembly instructions - Assembly accessories.

Size: Length: 56.8 cm - Width: 20.8 cm - Height: 18.4 cm

Let yourself be transported back to motoring's glorious past with this exceptional masterpiece. Whether you're a passionate collector or a classic car enthusiast, the 1/8 scale Bugatti Atlantic 57SC Rothschild Full Kit from IXO Collections is a true work of art that deserves a place in your collection.

Order yours today and experience the timeless elegance of the Bugatti Atlantic like never before. Don't wait any longer to add this exceptional piece to your collection of classic model cars.

Note: This kit requires assembly, making it an exciting project for model enthusiasts. Assembly may require basic modelling tools and skills.

Technical data for the model:

  • Scale : 1/8

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