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OFFRE SPEED - Lancia 037 BOX 1
OFFRE SPEED - Lancia 037 BOX 1
OFFRE SPEED - Lancia 037 BOX 1
OFFRE SPEED - Lancia 037 BOX 1

OFFRE SPEED - Lancia 037 BOX 1


First installment

Receive Box N°1

Either your first 4 kits and your magazine

Then every month receive 2 boxes with your 8 kits and 2 magazines

Delivery every

*Prélèvement automatique à chaque départ de colis, collection complète en 17 box.

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The mythical Lancia 037 Rallye Course

Created for racing and the World Rally Championship, the Lancia 037 Rally was born in October 1981. A real bomb with its very light structure and short chassis, it won the championship in 1983 and won 6 times until 1986.

This powerful racing machine is the link between the past period of the great champions of the 60s and 70s and the future of rallying, initiated by the Group B. An innovative sports car, it was born for competition and for winning.

A high-level sports car that has all the makings of a great car!

Easy to assemble, it is spectacular with its visible engine at the rear and all the details faithful to the original model. With the remote control supplied with your model, you can activate the sound and lighting for even more realism. 

The Lancia 037, a monster of power to be assembled without delay to live and relive the great adventure of the rally car!

Technical data for the model:

  • Scale : 1/8
  • Dimensions : 50,2 x 22,1 x 16,1 cm

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50,2 x 22,1 x 16,1 cm
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