Le Mans - Mazda 787B - 1991

Every success at Le Mans is in itself a page of history, but that of the Mazda 787B in 1991 has at least two reasons to be considered a milestone: it is the first by a Japanese manufacturer on the circuit at la Sarthe and it marks the biggest breakthrough for the Wankel rotary engine.

Almost unexpected Mazda's success came after years of attempts thanks to refined technology and a little help from the regulations. The same regulations that, from 1992, would outlaw the Wankel engine.

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Mazda 787B

ENGINE: Mazda R26B 2,616 cc, 4-rotor, rear mid-mounted longitudinal, two lights and three spark plugs per rotor, electronic fuel injection, liquid cooled, max power 710 hp at 9,000 rpm, max torque 608 Nm at 6,500 rpm.

TRANSMISSION: Rear-wheel drive, 5-speed Mazda-Porsche manual gearbox + RM.

CHASSIS: Carbon fibre monocoque.

SUSPENSION: Front and rear double wishbones with coil springs and separately mounted telescopic dampers.

BRAKES: Brembo carboceramic ventilated discs.

WHEELS: 18" wheels, Dunlop tyres front 300/640-18 and rear 355/710-18.

DIMENSIONS: Length 4,782 mm, width 1,994 mm, height 1,003 mm. Wheelbase: 2,660 mm. Weight: 830 kg, fuel tank capacity 100 litres.

Technical data for the model:

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